How to cope with a heartbreakšŸ’”

A broken heart- Even though it is not physical pain, it really hurts. The person you thought is ā€˜The Oneā€™ left you. The ā€˜getting over a breakupā€™ stage is painful, but as much as you want to avoid it. After going through the different stages of grief: denial, anger, begging and depression you finally, get to accept the reality.
Do something that makes this new phase of your life completely different from the last one.

  1. Let yourself feel: First of all just sit and cry. Feel sad, Feel humiliated, Feel stupid. Simply allow that sensation to pass, then with time, it dissolves.
  2. You are enough: Maybe they cheated on you. So itā€™s natural to feel something is wrong about you. But not everything is about you. So donā€™t use this as an excuse to beat yourself up. You are enough!
  3. Donā€™t jump into a new relationship: People do this all the time. Your heart needs some time to heal and process what went wrong in your last relationship.
  4. Forgive and release: When I say forgive, Iā€™m not just talking about forgiving him/her. Itā€™s about forgetting yourself.
  5. Spend time with friends and family: Reach out to family and friends and make the most of their support. Allow them to shower you with love, care, and wisdom. r.
  6. Enjoy being single: The last thing you want to think about after a breakup is being single. singleness is oftentimes a blessing in. It allows you to focus all your attention on only one person ā€“ and thatā€™s yourself.

No one did anything wrong. You were both simply trying to get your needs met, and the other person was not the person of your life. This is not your time to judge yourself or your ex-partner.

Forgive the Past and Move Forward.


U wrote an amazing content

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Thanks a lot for appreciating my words

Instead of hiding our feelings and moving towards another relationship just to cover it all up we should realize, understand and let ourselves feel. What you have written is very true!

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Yes we have a life ahead to live. Thanks a lot for acknowledging my wordsā€¦