How to reinstall the app?

Assalam o alaikum everyone! It’s been a long since I posted here I really missed this app but due to some work load I couldn’t manage to keep up here I also uninstalled the app due to storage issue but now I want to reinstall it but couldn’t find it on app store! Can someone please guide me how to reinstall the app again?


Sorry, but there is no FrontPage app. You can open the website on chrome and in settings, set as desktop or homescreen icon.

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Oh why? Previously it was there and it is quite convenient to use through app!

I haven’t seen any app for the past 8 months. I’m using the website icon since March 2021.

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Ok thank you

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Any success downloading it? It’s not on Google Play Store, but sometimes a notification appears when you log on to FP, it asks “Do you want to add FrontPage to home screen?”

That’s the solution to your query.

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Yup alhmdulillah I have successfully added it on my screen!