How today 's online social revolution is dividing,dimenishing and disorienting us

We live in a culture where people constantly compare themselves to celebrities and other people on social media.Sometimes those nearly other people dont have nearly ths Amazing life they portray online.But now every person is running for LIKES and FOLLOWERS.

Somehow we all trap inthe world of likes, share,and followers. Every single person is running for more likes and followers.I recently saw a post on facebook where a girl was selling fake followers like 20k FOLLOWERS. in 15 THOUSAND and guess what it had over 1K comments because people were interested.

Farida Kahlo stuck up in the social media world but Aren’t we all?

The future will be Social
I had come to understand that The social - Which meant the sharing of our personal information our location,our taste and our identities on Internet Network like TWITTER ,GOOGLE & FACEBOOK. Was internet newest thing.

Every New social plateform ,Social service, Social app Social page.
I learnt was becoming this piece of socail media world from social jounalism to social enterpreneurship to social commerce to social production to social learning to social charity to social E.Mail to social gaming to social television to social consumption to social consumers on the SOCIAL GRAPH.

And Internet become connective tissue of 21st century. The future , Our future, your future yours and mine everyone else on network would be,yes you guessed it SOCIAL :loud_sound:

  1. Social eye is creepy.

    Social eyes pronunced Socialize captures the matrix of our age of great exhibition making it a metaphorical picture of our collective future. Social eyes doing the emergence of this socialized economy with its powerful lens directed up on society and its 10BILLION OF DOLLARS of investment appears now for better or worse Unstoppable.

  2. Lets get naked.
    At March 2011 in a speech lets get naked benefits of publicness v/s Privacy .Jarvis wrote that
    The best solution is to be yourself .He said Our reputation depends on us sharing more and more of our identity with the world.


In 5 years everybody will always be connected to each other instead of web. Social companies like Facebook and twitter are becoming the central plumbing for what we called Dial tones.
FACEBOOK investing 700 BILLION minutes of their time per month on the network was world most visited website in 2010. In 2011 57% of all online americans were logging onto FACEBOOK at least once a day.
Persnal data is the new oil of internet anf new currency of digital world. Yes its the fuel and information is what the world runs on.

The problem is our online culture of free means that every social media company like FACEBOOK TO TWITTER advertising on its revenue. You has become the central battle of Era of Internet Giants like GOOGLE,FACEBOOK ,APPLE AND MICROSOFT.

I and other 8 million people on free facebook are indeed product that is being seduced. We are personalized data that facebook and many other social companies are selling to their advertisers.
Facebook has about 2.8 BILLION monthly active users in 2021.

Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts?Has social media made world better ot worse?
Thanks Your Truly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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In my opinion, social media world is not much good for us. Whenever we install some kind of app, they ask for permissions ,they are actually buying our data like what we search for(it can be anything) and we start seeing adds for those things.
It’s not good i think. :neutral_face::raised_hands:

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Digital addiction is a serious problem and is nearly killing us

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True that :cherry_blossom:

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Excess of everything is bad but still due to demand of situation we all have accept this

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As you know, nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has advantages and also disadvantages. So social media is also a part of it. It has great benefits if we use it in right way but has even more disadvantages if used in wrong way. So its all depend on our own thinking and the way, we use it. But main effect is that it has reduced the physical activities of people. It has reduced the meet up with relatives.

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Exactly totally agree with your Point of view dear :slight_smile:

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We totally addictive of this digital world And its Very very harmful and dangerous for us