I found this doll on my uncle's grave. What could it actually mean?

This is negligence and unawareness of religion.


Worst thing is, it’s purposely. Meaning the wrongdoers fully know consequences but they still go ahead.

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wait a minute. when you said, “it was all talk & no show,” and i’m curious, what exactly did you mean? because the way you word it, it’s like–i don’t know how to say it. but anyway, what did you mean?

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this is definitely black magic, though. at least it looks like it. sometimes some sick-minded people do these things, and i think it doesn’t necessarily mean it was aimed at people related to your uncle.

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By all talk & no show I meant they told they could really do supernatural stuff with black magic but the magic they showed was all tricks, sleight of hand. Easliy debunked by watching YouTube videos.

oh my goodness, this legit gave me shivers… Black magic is for real as Quran talks about it, but at the same time we are not allowed to get into such things, this is completely shirk but our nation especially women are so into these things, black magic, taweez, peer, murshid, baba, and all. This really gets irritating for me sometimes, how can a muslim fall into such absurd things, Gosh!! I have heard many cases of black magic and most of those cases include the doll pricked by needles, damn this scares me. I hope the family of your uncle is fine, if it was your family graveyard that means, all this was meant to harm your family. The lady giving money to the caretaker just wants him to keep his mouth shut and don’t enquire her or inform any of your family members
This is scary!! Take care of your family.

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no, what i really mean to ask is that you were interested in black magic? like…

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Nope. Just wanted to see if magic in itself was real, had heard so many myths that they can do impossible things.

So asked them to show a couple of harmless magic demonstrations. The tales all turned out made-up & hyperbole, nothing else.

the kind of magic you’re implying is not real, of course. it’s nothing more than an illusion and a bunch of tricks. but black magic is very much real (and blasphemous).

But a person with supernatural capabilities should be able to pull both off, which they clearly failed at.

May Allah protect all is from black magic and the evil things this was also happened to MUHAMMAD SAW

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