I touch you with my thirsty eyes

I open you up every morning
Before leaving my place

I touch and kiss you
With my thirsty eyes

My heart embraces you
My mind reaches the depths of your core
Where you have hidden treasures for those who dive deep into your soul

You are a protector
You are a healer
You are a whole new world
You are a source of new thoughts and imagination

I can inhale your fragrance
In every word of your pages

You are you for me
And no one can take your place

My life would be gloomy
My days would be dreary without you

Without you this world would be a devil’s place
Without you there would be no humanity on earth

No human is actually a human without you
No society is actually a society without you

A way to knowledge is through your veins

A way to heaven is through your heart.


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