'I will pray professionally for you, burn oil lamps, and distribute meals to the needy at Data Darbaar, Lahore for Rs. 18,578' says a Fiverr Gig


Now, you can use a professional Fiverr freelancer to pray for you at Data Darbaar, Lahore. A screenshot of a Fiverr Gig is making the rounds on social media, A seller on Fiverr, one of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces, has a gig on his profile offering to pray for his clients at various shrines in Lahore for as little as PKR 4,645. A premium package offered by the seller for a whopping PKR 18,578 reads, “I will pray, burn oil lamps, and distribute meals to the needy in your desired shrine, in place of you.” I will also provide photo/video evidence of distributing these meals or lighting oil lamps or candles at your specified locations."

The seller, waleedarfeen786, appears to be a graphic designer and photographer with over 200 five-star reviews on his Fiverr profile. Have a look at his profile,

About This Gig

I will pray for you in city Data (Lahore) in one of the following shrines.

  • Darbar Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (inside Jamia Mosque)
  • Darbar Hazrat Pir Makki Sahib
  • Darbar Hazrat Mian Mir Qadri
  • Darbar Hazrat Shah Muhammad Ghous, Circular Road
  • Darbar Hazrat Madho Lal Hussain (Mosque)
  • Darbar Hazrat Shah Abul Ma’ali (near Lahore Hotel)
  • Darbar Hazrat Shah Jamal Qadri (Shadman)
  • Darbar Hazrat Shah Chiragh near High Court
  • Darbar Hazrat Bibi Pak Daman
  • Darbar Hazrat Miran Husain Zanjani, Chah Miran
  • Darbar Hazrat Shah Inayat Qadri, Fatima Jinnah Road

I can also distribute meals to the needy and poor or to the people who are homeless and living in shrines depending upon the package of your choice. I will also give photo/video proof of distributing these meals or burning oil lamps or candles at your required places.

Note: "All prayers will be done inside the mosque towards Allah, not in front of graves."

The Gig has elicited amusing reactions on social media, with one user referring to it as a “new business idea”.

What’s your take on it? Do you think is it a good business idea? Or a new logical add-on to the gig economy? Let us know in the comments section below.

This man’s cash reserves = *Stonks*