Impact of wheat, sugar and tomato imports, prices begin to fall

The effects of wheat, sugar, and tomato imports began to appear in the open market, with the price of tomatoes falling by Rs 50 per kg in a week, while flour by Rs 2 per kg and the price of sugar also declined by Rs 2 per kg.

The Bureau of Statistics released a weekly report on inflation, according to which the country has seen a slight decline in inflation.

The report said that due to the fall in items prices during the week ending November 5 Inflation in the country declined by an average of 0.12%.

After the import of wheat, sugar, and tomatoes, their prices also declined. In one week, the price of one kg of tomato fell by Rs 49.83 while the price of 20 kg bag of wheat fell by Rs 39.29.

In addition, the price of lentils has been reduced by Rs 4.28 per kg and sugar by Rs 2 per kg.

Eggs, rice, jaggery, and cooking oil also declined marginally during the week.

According to the statistics agency, prices of 14 items increased during the week, while chicken became more expensive by Rs 17.52 per kg.

The price of a domestic LPG cylinder went up by Rs 85.69, garlic by Rs 9.61, potatoes by Rs 2.5, and onions by Rs 4.5 per kg.

Prices of dal gram, dal mash, powdered milk also increased during the week.

According to the report, prices of 23 items including mutton, beef, milk, and yogurt remained stable during the week.

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