Imran Abbas to host Ramazan transmission From turkey!

Pakistani actor imran Abbas is set to Host this year’s ramzan transmission from turkey.pakistani actor and model imran Abbas Has been off the TV screen for a while.inbound6373486249323897139 . however,the recent media reports have confirmed that khud or muhbat famed actor Will be hosting a Ramazan transmission this year from turkey.inbound7092340682277474545 .As per details The transmission show titled Is Baraan - e- Rehmat.And the report have further confirmed that lollywood star Reema khan Will also co-host the special transmission Alongside Abbas from Pakistan.


Good wishes to them :clap::clap:

Good effort​:sparkling_heart::+1:

kia yh mashor ha turkey s hi q pak se kyu ni.

I knew he was up to something meeting all those Turkish actors​:joy::joy::joy::joy: