Imran Khan fulfilled his promise of 'One Nation, One Curriculum'. Now the poor child will have the same curriculum as the rich

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The Punjab government implemented on Monday a Single National Curriculum (SNC) altogether in all open and non-public schools as well as theological colleges of the province that are offering education at the primary level.

The Punjab province has become the first province in the country for making a recorded stride of implementing a single educational plan from August 2, forward.

Government Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mehmood had before reported the SNC would be carried out from the new scholastic meeting starting on August 2. Notwithstanding, he explained the SNC recommended least learning guidelines for the central subjects.

“Schools will be free to teach additional material or even additional subjects,” he said.

The Minister clarified that non-public schools could utilize any book that is reliable with the Single National Curriculum.

As indicated by the educational plan, English, Urdu, Islamiat, and Mathematics will be instructed from Grade I to Grade V, while General Knowledge will be instructed from Grade I to Grade III, and afterward, General Science and Social Studies will be educated in Grades IV and V. Urdu will be utilized to show the subject of Social Studies.

In addition, Quranic learning with interpretation will likewise be compulsory in Grade 6-12.

While instructions the media people about the Punjab government’s choice to carry out SNC, the common schooling minister, Murad Raas said on Monday the commonplace government was seeking after the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘one nation, one book’ for which another prospectus dependent on SNC was being presented all through the province at the primary level.

With the execution of the SNC in the area of more than 100 million, Imran Khan’s vision of one educational program the nation over stands finished for the greater part of the populace.

Image courtesy: Twitter

SNC would kill the cultural division in the private and public instructive sector and will set out equivalent open doors for every one of the understudies of the country.

Punjab’s School Education Department (SED) in a tweet posted the image of understudies getting instruction at schools with the subtitle: “One Nation, One Curriculum starting from Punjab”.

In a tweet, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Monday, “It is a recorded advance towards the disposal of separated schooling as each kid will presently get the best instruction,” he added that a similar educational plan is the right of each child.

Honesty, genuineness, resilience, regard, serene conjunction, natural mindfulness and care, majority rules system, basic freedoms, economical turn of events, worldwide citizenship, individual consideration, and wellbeing are among the ideas and attributes that the SNC endeavors to ingrain in understudies.

It will likewise put a more prominent accentuation on the improvement of insightful, basic, and innovative thoroughly considering abilities an exercises-based methodology instead of static instructor-focused learning.

In the meantime, ‘One Nation, One Curriculum’, became the top pattern via the web-based media website Twitter where the users liked the progression taken by the Punjab government.

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