Influential man kidnaps a rickshaw driver for scolding his son and then makes his son torture the driver for revenge


On an everyday premise, we encounter harsh incidents and realities that shatter our entire being. But the incident we are going to mention today, will make you sob tears of blood and it will make us think are we humans?

This heart-wrenching incident took place in Punjab Colony, Karachi. Where an influential person and his younger son tortured a middle-aged rickshaw driver, made a video of him, and kept slapping him on the face. A video of the tragic incident has surfaced the social media.

Viral video of influential man’s son torturing rickshaw driver

According to details, an elderly rickshaw driver was tortured in Punjab Colony. The man’s fault was, he scolded the influential man’s child for something, he couldn’t control his anger and took him to his house at gunpoint, where he tortured him with his children and humiliated him.

According to media reports, the name of the accused is Kaleem Shah aka Kalsha who has now been arrested by the local police and remanded in custody. Police say they are investigating the incident after gathering details about the incident.

Accused behind the bars.


Police have registered a case against Kaleem Shah. The lawsuit includes provisions for other crimes, including kidnapping and death threats. According to the initial investigation, the rickshaw driver said that he was washing the rickshaw in the street when Kaleem Shah’s child mocked him and he scolded him.

When the boy heard the scolding, he went home and told his father. He brought a weapon and forcibly took me to his house, where Kaleem Shah, along with his two sons, tortured me and made a video.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan tweeted earlier about the incident saying, this person can only be cursed because first of all the law will not touch any influential person and even if it happens, he will not be kept in jail for more than one or two days, he will be granted bail or the poor will be forced to make peace. That’s the reality of our judicial system.

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