Innocent Students In Deep Water! 😅

In school, during class most " aaltu jalaltu aii blaa ko taal tu" moment was when teacher suddenly used to start asking questions.

Everyone in the classroom be like **“Ya Allah aj bcha ly, kal sy pkka sath sath prhun ga/gi”.:joy:
So here are some Techniques we used for our safety :raised_hands:.
being a speculator!!

As soon as teacher asked the question That one student started " tukky py tukka" because you couldn’t say you don’t know the answer. Just started Tukkas, observing teacher’s expressions and hoping the answer might be right :joy::joy:.

Help me Durdana!!!

some of us being “Bhatki roohen” ( physically in class but mentally in dreams), looking at friend’s face and asking for help.
such friends seemed to be blessing…( confirmed jannati :joy::heart:).

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Evading the question!!!

To avoid the question… we used to hide behind the students, looking everywhere and making sure not to have an eye contact with the teacher… :eyes::relieved:( mostly i used to do this :sweat_smile:).

Using a sidetrack!!!

some of us used to be over confident. Instead of avoiding or hiding they be like " yes i know the answer" , "have you checked out our papers?:joy: (Smart one).
and while answering “apni philosophy jhar rhy hoty hn” :v:.

being negotiative!!!

haha my favorite category!..
Some students used to be like “ata hai mujh sb ata hai, bss teacher iska pehla lafzz bta den” :joy::joy:
And also…
" Teacher end sy thora sa ata hai… this is called newton 1st law" :joy:.
First teacher should help us then we will help the teacher :joy::v:.

Crying baby!!

There were also those students who’s answer went wrong ( aftet so much Istamal-e-aqal) and they be like

The bell would finally rang aur students ki saans mn saans atii thi phewww… :wink::joy:

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My favourite moment was friday break. Becausw after breai there used to be 1 period and then home😂.

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haha we even didn’t have break… direct chutttiii :raised_hands::joy::v:

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Hid under the desk once but was still spotted by the teacher, called on the stage, was asked to hold the mic and repeat what the teacher taught :joy:. Rest is history :joy:

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hahah good effort :joy:

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This is literally hilarious

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