Innovation and the man!

From living in the old deep caves to the most developed cities and luxury life, it is all about innovation. Since the earth is blessed with human beings, we never cease to innovate. When human beings were born, they never knew how to dress and live a life. Later someone tried to cover the body with leaves and today we are wearing the most beautiful and comfortable clothes.

Innovation is always meant to ease the life of human beings. The invention of computers, cellphone, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. Not every human being is creative and innovative. One among thousands of people came out of the cave and saw tall green trees and land. He went back and told everyone that we can live outside too. When people came to the bank of the river, they were feeling unsafe because of animals.

Again the one out of millions of people broke the stick from wood and made the self-defensive material. This idea of self-defense was modernized and was introduced in the shape of guns and missiles. Almost 100% of people in primitive ages were afraid of water. Again one out of millions of people broke the wood and made a boat to sail over it, today we have Seawise Giant the largest ship in the world. We are sailing on oceans for years.

There is no doubt that there were certain people who dare to change things and ease the life. We followed their innovation and idea but recreated the same things in a modernized way. The Wright brothers invented airplanes to fly in the sky. However, they are no more but we recreated their idea and today we have an X-15 and F-16 top fighter jets. Innovation has a very massive role in our development. Innovative people have the potential to see beyond the existence and limits.

People never knew that we can grow food crops on fertile land. They always use to hunt animals and eat. When animals were extinct. We created the pesticides and necessary chemicals to grow food from land and survive. This was one of the greatest innovations.

The wheel was one of the greatest inventions of man. People used to travel thousands of miles with help of animals or their feet. Today we have recreated the wheel technology and travel thousands of miles without hindrance.

The people like Ali sadpara are great. We never discovered the beauty behinds mountains but Ali sadpara went up and tried to explore the world. What can be better than dying doing what you love. These are those people who never accept the things as it appears to be, they find the reason and explore it.

The innovation always takes place after a question. If a child gets an answer to his question he asks more questions and if he did not get an answer to his second question he might never try to explore the world and his existence.

Innovation has taken us this far. Countless things have been innovative.

-A good answer to the question gives birth to innovation.


No doubt innovation has ease our life.

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Yes of course.

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Good. Thank you for the knowledge.

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