Institutes may undergo further lockdown

Shafqat Mehmood tweeted on 21st March that the decision regarding opening of educational institutes would be taken in a meeting that will take place on 24th. The response has been drastic from student community.

Students, especially in higher educational studies, revolt against the idea of another year of lockdown months. Why is it that COVID is only a threat to schools and universities but not park, mall or eateries?

Education is not a compromisable area and while major examinations have been conducted physically, it is highly undesirable to shift once more to considerably substandard methods of online teaching. Recent most trend has been طلبہ_کو_پڑھنے_دو # due to the hype created by Shafqat Mehmood’s tweet about 24th March decision.

Although now Shafqat Mehmood said that they want to keep institutes open but there is a lot of pressure from one side of the nation.
In your opinion, is the closure of educational institutions especially universities really the solution while U.N states that Corona Virus may become seasonal? Is vaccinating them a better option than halting studies or adapting online methods?


Valid question, I need an answer too!


Asal main baat yeh hai k institute aisi jaga ha k agr wo bolien gy to humen jana prega !Hum apni marzi se khud ko udr jane se resist nae krskte islie wo forcefully band kia jaate hain . Jab k malls parks main jane k lie hum p zabardasti nae hai . Govt SOP to lagati hai or log kuch had tk amal b krte hain.Still jo ahtiyat nae krrha uska apna nuksaan hai.


Totally agreed. I also need an answer to that!!!


Ajeeb e ha​:expressionless::expressionless: