Iqra Aziz enjoyed playing a liar in Jhooti

Actor Iqra Aziz has said when playing a negative character, one shouldn’t try to seek sympathy for it, but show the severe consequences of its actions.

“I don’t think what I do is a mistake,” said Iqra. “I really enjoyed that project [Jhooti] as that character was very refreshing for me.”

Last week, Iqra appeared on Something Haute, where she discussed her ongoing drama serial Khuda aur Muhabbat opposite Feroze Khan. When asked if playing a liar woman in Jhooti was irresponsible, given women’s already weak position in society and rampant domestic abuse they face, Iqra said: “How many similar projects were there while Jhooti was on-air? I don’t find it irresponsible. I am doing what I’m here for.”

Iqra doesn’t want to play stereotypes, she said, adding that she only chooses her characters as an actor.

In Jhooti (2020), she played Nimra, a woman with a habit of lying and destroying other people’s life for her gains. The drama was criticised for its highly negative portrayal of a woman.

Actor Sarah Khan once admitted that she regretted playing a weak woman in Mere Bewafa, which showed a woman going back to the man who destroyed her life.