Is everything the way it seem?

“Don’t trust everything you see. Even, the salt looks like sugar”
We have seen many people and even we ourselves believe on the things which we see through our eyes. Though God has given these eyes to see but not everything is the way it seems. God has given eyes along with the brain, which means seeing is not enough, thinking about it is also needed.
Sometimes the most smiling faces are hiding grief but sometimes the luckiest person is not happy with, what he has received. There are not only things but many issues and problems which are not the way they seem. All you need to is use your brain along with your eyes to know the reality of the world.
It is not like that each and every it will be harmful for you but sometimes your judgments which you have given to someone can ruin their life. As everyone has their own untold stories of love and pain which make them live differently from you.images (6)


Comment sections is yours to share a story of yours where the things weren’t the way they seemed to be. O would love to read and respond to them