Is fair complexion a symbol of beauty?


I don’t think so complexion has anything with beauty … Beauty lies within


No…:+1:Completely disagree

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Of course not

not at all the beauty should be is Inner Side not a out side.!

Not at all but i think people of South asia are conditioned to believe that being white is being beautiful, my complexion is brown and i still struggle with accepting it because of the narrative i have been listening since childhood

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of course not. but in Pakistan fairer skin is automatically refered to as beautiful. thank god the younger generation is finally getting over this stereotype of beauty. Believe it or not one day I was randomly searching products fora good tan in pakistan and the results were shocking. instead of tan products i was getting products listed as tan removal weird right. I think we still have a long way till there

Not at all :point_left:Inner beauty matters​:heartbeat:

I really appreciate that you have chosen a good topic. We have been colonized by Britisher’s for many years and when they left they gave us a gift of discrimination. Discriminate others because they have different skin color, different zaat and maslak. Definitely beauty lies within you but not not in your color.

Complexion has nothing to do with beauty.