"Is it obligatory to Offer pray and recite the Qur'an only in Ramadan?"

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Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone, even every child, every child knows how to use a mobile phone, but he is far from praying. Far from ALLAH
As time goes on, he is moving away from his religion.
And people are forgetting prayers and forgetting their religion.
Living in the world, they have become part of the world, they have forgotten religion.

There are very few people who run religion with the world.
Or there are some people who have just become religious and have forgotten the world

“Our religion teaches us Muslims that religion and the world should go hand in hand. Not only do you live in religion but you forget the world. Nor do you live in the world, just become part of the world and forget your religion.”

But today’s youth are addicted to mobile and internet and are forgetting prayers

Or if they remember the prayer and the Qur’an, only in Ramadan. After the end of Ramadan. They stop praying

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There are very few people who recite the Qur’an even after Ramadan and remember Allah Almighty all the time.

Remember that
We have to perform 5 prayers daily. Salah is not just a part of Ramadan, it is a pillar of Islam.

Every Muslim should understand that prayers and the Qur’an are not obligatory only until Ramadan.

Even after that, we should pray regularly during this time. And keep reciting the Quran.
Because there is peace in prayer.

Allah has time to listen: Do you have time to pray?
So make time for the one who takes the time.

Prayers aren’t for Allah. its for yourself. Allah doesn’t need prayers but we need him.

Allah says “Ask, and I will give you."

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We cannot stop young people from using mobile phones.
Nor can we be harsh with them.
But we must explain our youth and children understand that this religion is important as well as the world.
Just like it is difficult to live without our mobile phone and internet. In the same way, we should get in the habit of praying, so that it becomes difficult for us to live without praying.
Isn’t it so that you get so much involved in prayer and religion that you give up the worries of the world and you don’t care what is happening in the world?
Should be normal.

Similarly, there are many people who are depressed, or someone who is sad about their life, or someone who is broken. Many people are worried. They should seek peace not from the people but from the Qur’an and Salah.
Remember Allah and associate with Him every word, every trouble.

And it is not that you have been a Muslim only five times during prayers and you have been sinning all day.
Along with prayer, we should also try to avoid sin, we should avoid lying. We must not do injustice to anyone. We must respect the elders, we must love the younger ones.
So we have to use our mobile, do everything according to the modern age of today’s world and also carry religion. We should pay attention to prayer and Qur’an. And we should be advised others as well. And everyone should try to avoid sins And Offer pray in Time.
And do not give up prayer because it is a great sinŰ”
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"Medical science is also proved that Salah is best for our health"

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A Muslim must know the importance of Namaz. Important of Namaz: Five Namaz in a day are compulsory for every Muslims. whether rich, poor, wealthy, ill, resident or a traveler.Even when there is a clash of armies and fighting is going on, it is obligatory for us Muslims to offer prayers.

The correct way to Offer Salah

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We have no Right to walk on his land. If we dont have time to put our head in Sujood.
We should be try to offer prayer in time,never skip any Salah, and always remember Allah

Salah is the Key of Success
So if you want to be successful, Kindly offer 5 times prayer…:heart:



Beautiful work sis❤️
This generation has deviated from the right path which promises them so many rewards. They have fallen in to the deep pit of ignorance
May Allah guide us alll


Well and truly said… :heart:
We must always remember to pray and recite the Qur’an. May Allah guide Everyone…(Ameen)


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Simply, home is the first institution of every man. If this habit is being followed by the family, the likelihood that that man offers prayers is higher.


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I did this post because I felt that these are very much needed nowadaysŰ”


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