Is Pakistan headed in the right direction under Imran Khan's leadership?


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Are you happy with Imran Khan’s performance as a Prime Minister?
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Pakistan’s politics has always been turmoil. The state is looking forward for stability since its independence. If we talk about Imran khan’s leadership it has been neutral neither so bad nor so good. Imran khan recently expressed that it is hard to rule the country without the preparation. It means Imran khan and his company is not capable of deleivring. The Imran khan is good at handling the country in every situation. The political analysts beliver that Imran has emerged stronger after every crises. One of the best thing Prime minister did was managing a country in the global pandamic. Everyone around the world praised Pakistan’s effor against covid-19. The current deficite account has been is in surplus and the foreing remittances are above $2bn for fourth consecutive month. Many people and experts bleive that Imran is not good at handling the foreign relations albeit PM has managed it well. PM khan adressed Indians aggression with gentleness and offered peace deal by sending Abhinandan back. Imran khan has always talk about peace in afghanistan and bleived that war is not solution. PTI’s policy towards afghanistan is very interesting as India has good hold in afghanistan and Pakistan is countering it through good talibans and India is helpless. Pakistan is in the hands of someone who understands situation who will never bow down the knee infront of anyone. Imran khan is very good politician if he improves his team and this may result in more effective governance. What ordinary citizen need is food at reasonable prices and it is increasing. Petrol must be brought down as sugar prices arr brought down. After all we can say that Pakistan is in right hands and its better for Pakistan’s future to be under Imran khan’s leadership. Only minor team changings are needed.


The incumbent leadership of the country is attained by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan. In the inception of his party, Khan manifested all qualities that Pakistanis yearned for. Young. Charismatic. No prior family ties to politics. But, as the Prime Minister, has he risen to the precedent the Pakistan public has set for him?

The PTI administration has been successful to an extent, marked by quite a few achievements. Imran Khan has worked painstakingly to promote inward investment from wealthy governments, constantly making diplomatic trips to other nations. His promotion of China Pakistan Economic Corridor has given Pakistan a imperative position in South Asia. Perhaps the most imperative step has been the promotion of environmental protection, marked by an extremely successful afforestation campaign.

Despite all this the administration has been plagued by many tribulations, most importantly the seething plague of COVID-19. With widespread inflation, deaths, and livelihoods shattered in the wake of this virus, Khan has lost a lot of support. But after all what can a government with limited resources do to quell the plague in a nation that doesn’t listen? Even with its meagre resources, the government has done considerable effort to battle a disease which even first-world countries have struggled with, but there is little mere mortals can do when fate intervenes.

In short, despite Khan’s revolutionary vision for the nation, malicious elements are hindering progress under his administration.



The Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf government is now proving to be true to their vision of “Naya Pakistan.” The decisions being taken by the PTI government are a long term procedure for development. Its been about 10 months since Prime Minister Imran Khan lead PTI came into power but their staggering achievements in such a short time rules it all. For all those who can’t digest Pakistan’s progress and are busy cursing the PTI government, this is what the party has pulled off in just a few months of its rule:

  1. Current account deficit reduction by 30%.
  2. Trade deficit reduction by 14%.
  3. Balance of payment: Default threat averted.
  4. Crackdown on money laundering.
  5. Full support to accountability drive.
  6. State land worth hundreds of billions retrieved.
  7. Crackdown on electricity and gas theft.
  8. Special development package for the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA).
  9. Successful foreign policy: Revitalising relations with Saudi Arab, China, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia, reaping huge benefits for Pakistan.

The above points are just a few to name. Before getting victory in the last elections, PTI leader and the current PM of Pakistan Imran Khan had shared his vision with the nation. After outcasting other political alliances and getting the throne, the vision didn’t change. In such a short span of time, the PTI government has fulfilled a chunk of their promises and is working day and night for the betterment of the country.


Yes Imran Khan is headed Pakistan in a right direction. Currently, majority of people is not happy from Imran Khan the way they expected from him. Because of inflation rate. But we see his long term policy for economy it’s really working. After a decade, for the first time the industrial zone is improving day by day, the digital literacy rate is growing and during this pandmic the ehsas project helps a lot of poor families. The imf loan is returning rapidly. It’s a natural philosophy that For a thing u never had u have to do something u never did that’s y now we r facing difficult ND harsh situation but in Sha Allah soon we will achieve a well known milestone of success.


It has been more than two years since the Imran Khan-led party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came into power. With a vision to abolish the old politics of exploitation, corruption and pillage of national wealth, Khan’s party took the ruins of the country and embarked upon a difficult journey. Since then, Khan’s government has proved to be exceptionally successful in certain areas; while in others, it has floundered miserably. Thus, whether Pakistan–under the leadership of Imran Khan–is headed in the right direction or not can only be concluded after a careful analysis of the government policies, which is presented hereunder.

The best performance of the ruling part has been–in my opinion–on international stage. Not only has the Foreign Office handled multiple challenges successfully, it has also managed to mend the tarnished picture of Pakistan on international forum. Pakistan responded India appropriately when it planned a misadventure in early 2019. It also demonstrated its responsibility and willingness to establish peace in the region by returning the Indian commander Abinandhan. Also, Pakistan raised voice against the persecution of masses in Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir on international stage. Khan spoke on the issues such as climate change, islamophobia and plight of kashmiris in the United Nations General Assembly. Further, Pakistan has maintained apt policies for America, Afghanistan, China, Saudi Arabia and Israel, among others. Due to these efforts aimed at promoting ‘Pakistan Brand’ through soft power and public diplomacy, Pakistan has regained its lost image and is just starting to be perceived as a responsible state in the global community.

Domestically as well, the PTI government has performed well in certain aspects. The Covid-19 crisis was no small crisis, but the incumbent government handled it in a way that it attracted applause from international institutions, including the World Health Organisation (WHO). The PTI government has also managed to legislate against different offences which has strengthened the law and order situation in the country. Moreover, the government is also handling the pressure of opposition alliance called the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) in an admirable manner. Another feather in the Khan’s cap is the provincial status of Gilgit Baltistan (GB). Further, it is successfully dispatching its efforts to drag the country out of the grey list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

However, the government could not perform well economically for it’s half term in the office–though the situation is now changing. For this reason, the PTI government has been subject to severe criticism. The economic policy of government was as bleak a thing as a foggy sky. It did not not know what is was doing in its starting months in the office because of which, the price of dollar sky-rocketed and inflation spiralled to historic zenith. This in turn, affected all the classes in general and lower class in particular. A robust economy is the need of every state in modern times, and in this important aspect, the Khan government has failed to deliver. Though the situation is changing now and Pakistan has also recorded current account surplus for the first time in recent years, the economic crisis is far from over and will require consistent efforts and policies of the government in future.

Despite the antagonists calling Khan a populist leader who works only on the prodding of establishment, his PTI government has handled appropriately almost every challenge faced by the country. From international arena to domestic politics, it has manifested its skills. Most importantly, it has projected positive image of the country internationally–an achievement which was merely a dream in the reign of previous governments. Therefore, it can be said that Pakistan is headed in the right direction and will continue to be so, provided that the government displays the same spirit for change with its consistent and optimal policies.


Imran Khan, the prime minister renowned and appreciated among the youth has been an epicentre of hope and aspiration for a myriad number of people. Pakistan tehreek e insaaf had set a 100 point agenda after coming in power including many reforms, the annexation of Fata in Kpk and division of punjab etc . Only few of them were brought into working, others were left unattended. The government promised to ease the hardships of poor and destitute, however the inflation in Pakistan has caused a great setback to the poor especially.
Apart from this the economy is always in a staggering position mostly in a condition of turmoil. Covid 19 also was a factor enhancing social and economic disruption. Tons of people are at the verge of falling into the dark pit of poverty. Little efforts to alleviate this poverty are being made eg the provision of 12000 rps, shelter homes etc,but the promises and vows made were far more imposing.
IMRAN KHAN lately in an interview said that the country’s current account was in surplus of $73 million during September, bringing the surplus of first quarter to $792 million compared to deficit of $1,492 million during same time last year. The Prime Minister also mentioned that the exports grew by 29 percent and the remittances grew by 9 percent over previous month. This was actually a good news for Pakistan. In my opinion the affairs of the country have always been in this very state of enigma. The opposition, criticising the government everyday and also the people disheartened by PTI should at least let the government complete its tenure because the people in power still claim to be determined for achieving success.


i would like to correct your apprehension of Imran Khan’s statement about preparation. Basically Khan said Pakistan should follow American system where president elect got almost three months to look the matters of state before joining the office. He said that in Pakistan you get each and every breifing after joining the office that creats troubles for newly elected govt. So twisting this statement and declaring Imran Khan is not capable is totally wrong.


Leader is not a pre-req for right direction.Its something lies under "Common Sense"Category i believe.

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Strong and visionary P.M of Pakistan Imran Khan…now we are on turning point as supporting honest leadership or supporting corrupt people who do not want the development or betterment of pak except their families.leader is the one who delivers what he promised . IMRAN KHAN is the leader of that kind . We are truly impressed with his leadership not only on the field ,but also now off the field. Most recently the role he played in the cremation matter in srilanka, he truly touched the heart of every Muslim and Christians

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I think Imran khan himself is a very good person but it’s not enough at this time he’s the prime minister of our country and he is representing Pakistan in front of the whole world so should be more firm in his decision.

ALHAMDOLILLAH now pakistan is at right & straight direction, we can see some Islamic steps like panagha or koe bhoka nahe soya etc

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ANYBODY CAN guess it that PAKISTAN politics is in flux and plunged in strifes, so if politics is not in right direction how can we reckon the state to be in right direction as politicians are the people who steer the nation.

Alhamdulillah…now pakistan is at right straight direction.

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In 2018, IK succeed to make majority in KPK. Meanwhile in federal and punjab, PTI was at the border of majority. Later on IK succeed to make one-third majority in federal and punjab.
After becoming PM, there were a lot of expectations as once he won 92-cup.
But politics is different.

  1. Nightmare: The first and foremost blunder of IK was to appoint Usman Buzdar as CM of Punjab. He rather gave him title “Wasim akram lite”.
    Punjab is the hub of politics. Punjab needs an administrated CM because punjab is the only key to success in politics by performance. There found a clash between provincial memebers on appointing buzdar as CM.
  2. Poor economic team: Dollar rate elevated to high-sky in 2018-19-20 but now it is controlled.
  3. Ministery flaws: The ministry of each minister kept changing since 2018 which shows incapability and inconsistency.
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Pakistan’s democratic leadership has become weak and fragile ever since the imbalances in our civil leadership roles. We can’t judge one government on the basis of one factor on extreme sides. The whole system needs to be revived. It’s a continuous progression of ups and downs! Our media, Religious Leadership and our Rulers need to stick themselves to our Pakistani identity and objectives.

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I just really support Imran Khan​:heart::heart: