JIHAD AL NAFS (Struggle against one's self)

Fighting your nafs(self) is the greatest jihad from the Islamic perspective. Your soul vacillates between right and wrong. The celestial power fascinates you towards virtuous acts and the devilish power attracts you towards shameful and bad deeds.
Jihad Al nafs is the struggle of a person against lustful desires, anger, prodigious thinking, and bad deeds.
A person who is successful in the struggle will reach a high degree and those who fail to control themselves will fall into a pit of darkness and will be reckoned as legions of the devil.
As a part of this struggle, we wage a war against our eyes for feasting on the impermissible, against our ears for listening to vain speech, against our limbs for sitting in the company you should have left, and against our own heart for every time you allowed what was impure to enter it. Imam Ghazali says:
“Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul, sometimes it helps me and sometimes it opposes me”
With all submissiveness and all the tears in your eyes call upon your Lord and invoke his mercy so you may emerge victorious in this war.

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