Jumma Bazaar (local market)

Jumma Bazaar is quite a new thing for the karachites, but such bazars are not new for all the people of Pakistan.such bazaars are held in rural areas at particular place’s onces a week so that the villagers may purchase their required articles at a place.These bazaars are also provide a kind of entertainment.
The aim of these bazaars are the following…

  1. To provide article’s of daily use at cheap rates.
  2. To provide article’s of different market at a place.
  3. To provide article’s on Friday as most of the markets are closed.

There are no permanent shop’s there but temporary shop’s are setup under shamianas,so there is no question of monthly rent.It is also the aim of these market as well as the government…


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Oohh really… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::open_mouth:
it’s new for karachites…!:sweat_smile::scream::ok_hand:

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But all the Jumaa Bazaars I have been to were in urban areas, are you sure about the rural area thing? I think that’s a little unintentional mistake on your part.

Jumma Bazar , good effort

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