Lahore; Man apprehended for continually raping his underage daughter for 2 years

News Network International

Iqbal Town - Police took a man named Abdul Rasheed into custody for sexually abusing his 14-year-old daughter, he had reportedly been assaulting her for last two years. Complaint against suspect was lodged by girl’s maternal grandmother, Sharifaan Bibi, whereupon police took action by registering case and arresting him. He is a divorced single parent residing in Bhikhewal town with his daughter 14, and son 5, for 4 years since children’s mother left him to marry elsewhere. As per police’s preliminary investigation, so far the story hasn’t been corroborated by supposed victim because she’s not cooperating, none of their questions have been answered. Only the medical inspection report would clarify things now, said investigating officer Tahir Maqsood.

Girl’s father on the other hand, claims he has been framed for a crime he had nothing to do with, he insists his former wife, Kulsoom Bibi, regrets leaving him children’s sole custodian when she chose another man over him, abruptly ending 16 years long companionship. He alleges the ex-spouse in collaboration with her family has been manipulating his daughter into thinking he took wrongful advantage of her, they are accusing him of this loathsome misdemeanour because they want children’s custody to themselves.

The incestuous, pedophilic offence reeks of disgust, it’s animalistic enough to boil the blood of most insensitive of individuals. But as the book of law goes, “A man is innocent until proven guilty”, it would only be sensible to hold our pitchforks until muddled truth isn’t muddled anymore.

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