Lahore police arrested 'fake pir' for sexually harassing and blackmailing a woman

In Pakistan, the cases of fake faith healers using their position in society to harass, abuse and blackmail innocent girls and women have been rising rapidly.

Pakistan today

In addition to this, another incident of fake pir sexually harassing and blackmailing a woman took place in Lahore. According to the Lahore police, a woman registered a case against a fake pir (spiritual leader) for sexually harassing and blackmailing her and extorting Rs 40 million and 50 tola gold of jewellery from her. She told:

“During the visits, the pair started sexually harassing me and filmed all of that on camera”

The suspect identified as Ali Javed who is a resident of Layyah’s Nawan Kot harassed the woman hailing from Islamabad.

The woman had a quarrel with her husband for which she approached the fake faith healer to find the solution to her problems. The suspect blackmailed the woman and forced her to file a divorce.

“He threatened to upload the videos on social media if I didn’t do so. He also took around Rs40 million and 50 tola gold from me”.

Furthermore, he filmed an objectionable video of the woman and kept blackmailing her. According to the details, the suspect has been raping girls and women for seven years and himself is a father of two daughters.

Last month, a fake pair had allegedly raped a woman in Tibba Sultanpur, a town in Punjab province, while claiming to free her of jinn.
He later subjected her to sexual assault.

Should people especially women and girls go to these fake faith healers to find the solution to their problems in this modern era? What are your thoughts on it? Share with us in the comments section below.