Lahore: Police take effective measures to protect citizens who withdraw money from banks

A major decision has been taken by the Lahore Police which will help ensure the safety of the citizens who withdraw money from the bank. The police have decided that if a citizen takes more than Rs 1 million from a bank, the bank administration will inform the concerned police so that a citizen can be safely taken to his destination.

Police officials say the investigation has revealed that if a citizen left a bank with more than Rs 1 million, he would be confronted by thieves near or a short distance from the bank. As a result, they lose their money.

The investigation also revealed that in such cases, thieves were usually present in the waiting hall of the bank and as soon as they saw a citizen who had come out with a large amount of money, they would target him, which was an easy target.

In this regard, SSP Investigation Lahore called on the management of the banks and issued special instructions to them and said that the management of the bank should ensure that if any person receives Rs 1 million or more, then he should be reported to the concerned police.

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