Latest iPhone will cost you around three lakhs in Pakistan, with new taxes imposed. What would you sell to buy it?

Every one of us wishes to hold an iPhone in our hands. While some people can afford it on their own, others consider asking relatives for help. But, before you ask a relative or a friend to bring you an iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB from abroad, think again. The government has raised taxes on luxury phones yet again.

Assume you buy the most expensive iPhone from abroad. The highest-end iPhone will set you back $1,730.92, or 305068.94 PKR. According to a government source, phones imported from other countries are now subject to a 17 percent sales tax rather than a fixed sales tax. Customs duty will be added to the total tax.

Previously, the fixed sales tax on the iPhone 13 Pro max was Rs. 10,000, but calculating a 17 percent tax on 305068.94 PKR in our case results in a tax of 51,861.7198. The iPhone is subject to a customs duty of Rs 34,000.

If you want to buy an iPhone 13 Pro max in Pakistan, the total tax will be 51,861.7198+34,000=85,861.17. If you have a passport and returned with the phone, the price will be 51,861.7198+26,000=77,861.7198.

“If a person can afford a phone worth nearly $300,000, then he can pay 78k,” government sources said. These phones have inflexible demand."

“Most smartphones sold in Pakistan (more than 80%) are in the mid-price range (between $150 and $200).” 70% of these are now manufactured in Pakistan and pay very little tax. The imported ones in the range have a tax of around Rs 5-8k on them," the source added.

Meanwhile, netizens are trolling the PTI government over the increase in taxes on phones.

Meanwhile, netizens are like Pehle Phone Ke Lie Paise Jama Kie Ab Tax Ke Lie Jama Kro. What would you sell to buy it? Let us know what you think about the new iPhone 13 Prices in Pakistan in the comments section below.

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