Leading Qari of Islamic world Sheikh Noreen Mohammad Siddique died in a car accident

According to Arab media, Sheikh Noreen, a Sudanese reciter known for his beautiful and eloquent recitation, was returning from an invitation trip yesterday when his car crashed in the Al-Halafa Valley in North Sudan.

According to the report, three other bodyguards including Sheikh Noreen were also killed in the accident while one injured person has been admitted to the hospital whose condition is said to be critical.

Sudan’s Minister of Religious Affairs, Nasruddin Mufti, confirmed the death of Sheikh Noreen and expressed deep sorrow, but did not specify the nature of the accident.

It should be noted that Sheikh Noreen was famous not only in Sudan but all over the Muslim world for his enchanting and unique style of recitation and his recitation has listened with enthusiasm all over the world.

On social media, users are also expressing their grief and sorrow over the demise of Sheikh Noreen and his services are being paid tribute to him.