Lessons learned from Lessons!

We are thinking about what is this Lessons learned from Lessons didn’t get it right?
It means what you get from what you read. My point is here to highlight the facts about what we read in our syllabus and what impacts it has on us. After being passed out from Matric we are already in a stage of learning and implementing and what we see, what we hear and what we read give a last impression on us. We don’t forget it easily and learned to tackle with our own learnings.
As we go to intermediate, i must say the collection of our english short stories has a great great impact, what we learn from it. All other subjects are related to special fields as what you want to learn from them but English and Urdu are the subjects that imply on whole. It didn’t focus on a specific field but have moral stories for your own growth and a side history of our society either a positive or negative. There are some topics which i find more motivating and capturing, i share with you all
The very 1st topic of our very first english book after Matric that you all also love it was and some of other were:

  • Button Button
  • **Thank you Ma’am **
  • Clearing in the sky

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 Button Button was a moral story of greed is a curse in which Richard Matheson define the story with three characters two of them as a couple and one of that which gives money. Button Button was 1970s short story written by Richard Matheson afterwards it appears on TV in 1986 in the second segment of 20th episode of first season of television series [The Twilight Zone ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Twilight_Zone_(1985_TV_series))

And then the same story appears on 2009 Film The Box

Thank you Ma’am is a story written by Langston Hughes which shows the kindness and humanness of lady who help out a robber who try to steal her bag.

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Clearing in the sky by Jesse Stuart ia a story whose father has a weak heart but still his courage and spirit and not fearing from the disease help him to live for more 30 years.

There are a lot of stories like this which i want to share and will share in future. Tell me about your aspects what do you think of our syllabus and what you get from that.


You have taken me back to my old college days :disappointed:
Thanks for this nostalgic article! These stories were amazing unless it comes to translate them in urdu…

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Exactly i want to write it a long long one but i think i can’t put my thoughts into words enough.

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You already written very well :100:

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Profoundly penned :+1:

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