Let the fears away from your life 💫(^.^)

        We live our whole beautiful, mesmerizing and sometime cringe life according to the people we believe and definitely  act according to our society because as to be seen most of people have lots of fear and the main and most popular is what? It is what will people say ? Some people have a huge question mark in their minds like if this happen  whattt will people sayy???? We just don’t  think that we want it or not, we can do it or not . Actually we all know about ourselves but we confuse our all confidence on which our life based because of the questions that society what will society think ?  and that is the main question for all people who you are? Who am I ? 

Do you even think about yourself, your desires, your life and your future ?
It’s your life you have to live it . Melts your anger away, Alter your thinking, don’t be afraid to love , live the life like you will die tomorrow and let the negativity away from your life.


Amazing lines💜

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Well written dear :heart_eyes:

Thanks dear Sana❤


That’s so heartfelt Rania :blush: I love it it’s amazing :heart::heart::heart::heart:

an optimistic message is successfully delivered

Amazingly written.

That’s the problem no one let you live. But I must say it’s beautifully written :heart_eyes:

Beautifully written :heart:

Super lines

An optimistic message though :heart: