Let your life Lead your way, it will take you where you belong

How many times you have been desperate to have something, asked before the universe, was permitted only to find it that you shouldn’t have asked for it?

When we try to grab control of everything in our lives, we disturb the natural course of our life. It is our desires and wants that make us feel the need to have this control. Most of the time what we desire is not what life has planned for us. It has much better plans because it is not limited by short-sighted vision like us.

Our sight is only limited until a short distance. We feel what we want is best for us so we beg, cry and pray for our wish to be granted but once we have it we realize there was much more to it that we couldn’t see, what we couldn’t see was the pain and sorrow that was to come along and the reason we were being stopped was to not to experience it.

Don’t try to control everything in life. If something is not happening, don’t force it, let it be the way it is. Trust and believe that there is a reason for things to happen the way they are.


Exactly!! Everything requires time to happen and something that’s not going according to your plan just trust Allah, he is best of planners🌟


No doubt… Allah is the best planner✨


Allah knows what is the best for you and when it’s best for you to have it. :star2:


Great job Shiza!


Heart touching …


Indeed!!! :+1: