Let's Be a Community Again

Guys Honestly I miss those days when we used to interact here as a community.

We, a few hundred people used to interact every single day about every matter going on this world.
I remember people waiting anxiously for the winner announcement post daily. I remember me motivating people who expected to win but didn’t.

I remember winning the Content Competition 3 Times here. This website opened the doors of Content writing for me and I am thankful to it.

I wish my a lot of my posts were not deleted but it all depends upon the management of this website.

But sometimes I realise that the world is too materialistic.
I think we owe to this website, to the community.

Today I’m not here for money. Neither has someone told me to write this. I’m here for the love of community.
The love it gave me… I miss it…

I met very nice people here.
I still remember you all. Shoaib Lashari, Iman Amir, Irum, Vaneeza, Stephen Javed, and a lot more…

I hope you guys will be back and we will be a community reunited.

Lots of Love!


Good to see you back. :blush:

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