Life during covid-19 pandemic

Sitting at home with an unreal silence broken by the birds chirping, no constant traffic on the street, everyone caged to their houses and places they have to put themselves in quarantine, businesses collapsed and due to all this, people had lost the state of their minds. No one imagined 2020 would turn out this way. If this kept going on, the world would have been captured into a scenario of a sci-fi movie.
A world where country after country had been locked down, where streets were deserted except few masked social services who worked continuously putting in their hearts and souls to help the suffering humanity
It made us appreciate them all. People had been refuged in their cities, jobless and sick. People around the whole world were found affected by a coronavirus. Students virtually attended their classes, couldn’t meet their beloved friends and teachers. The whole country was in economic debt. On the bright side, pandemic has also taught us that despite the difficulties life bring upon you, they must be faced steadfastly.
In the beginning, this lockdown was considered as a holiday. But once extended it made us realize the value of every other social interaction. But as they say the darkest hour is just after the dawn. People stuck in their homes found their long-lost passion. Some persuaded their dream to become entrepreneurs or freelancers and started their own business from home. Surviving this period was the most crucial part. Sharpening skills and connecting with fellow ones became the survival kit. As for me being a student, it was just the books but during this pandemic, the lost writer in me was finally found and it gave me the opportunity to sharpen the old skills. I spoke my heart out through writing stories, contents and got connected to the world in this outbreak.
People think that writing is a boring activity, but i would say that it takes interest to come out with something unique and creative. During this pandemic, I took out my pencils and wrote my life through them. Time had passed, and I was able to hold the pencils again to sum up all my dreams and write them down in a piece of a soft and fine paper. To me this was transformation and I wouldn’t even spare time for it if it was not for pandemic. As for many others, they found different sources of entertainment to spend time with.
This was the only reason which kept me and others alive in this time.


True, writing certainly opens up the mind to new intellectual horizons.