Loopholes in our eduaction system


Probably no one should dispute with me over importance of education in this contemporary world. Its significance is clear crystal from the fact the all the nations ,who sits on the pinnacle, are due to EDUCATION.And same is case with us ,without education we aren’t gonna make it to the developed nation status.We need education system that laced our youth with all weapons,which can make them help Pakistan great.For that purpose we have to purge all the weaknesses that are pestering our education system since inception.
some of weaknesses and fragilities which are as follows;

1.In here , THE ELITES, Mostly of which are politicians,judges,establishments ,who are the ppl having capacity to introduce changes in the education system, are laced with money,thus can get easy access to quality eduction,in the form of O-level or A-LEVEL;or sending their progenies to foreign nations,hence they don’t need this obsolete education system overhaul.So mean the ppl with power are not gonna change our system and the ppl wanna change this has got not power.

2.Our education is not weaponizing our youth with skills.The Pakistani youth are palpabaly lacking in skill dept thus end up being unemployed.So govt need to imbed 3 year compulsory skills learning course after the primary education.

3.The language is also a barrier. No institution inhere is focusing on maternal language but English and Urdu. Sometimes in govt schools they are taught science in Urdu untill they get in college to face science in English, which create tons of difficulties for students. Take the example of Afghanistan a much more regressive nation compares to Pakistan but atleast they giving education in their own language.

4.Similarly, number of students in class is too much high. According to international yardstick, maximum 25 to 30 in one class. But in Pakistan one class is filled up with upto 85 to 90 heads.Due to which the teachers cant focus on them.Thus impeding the learning process.

  1. Here the gauge of student intelligence is not concept but number. If you have high number in board exams, you are intelligent. In the same way , if you enter a professional field early start earning, you are the genius, fortunate and the most blessed man on planet Pakistan. Otherwise you are nothing.

6.Our spending on the education is anything but more. We hardly spent on education , evident from 2.9% GDP spending compared to average spending of other nations, which is 4.45%.This meagre outlays on eduaction has its roots in wrong economic policies and rampant corruption.

7.The decentralization of education after passage of 18 th amendment further agravated the already dismal condition education.

8.And the last and of most significant is the fact that our education system totaly evade the research the way ppl avoid stray dogs. The benchmark of technological revolution , the research, we don’t focus the energies of our student on it but rotelearning and memorization.

        These are some of the flaws of our education system.If govt is sincere to move Pakistan out of quagmire, and give the ppl of Pakistan a future, they deserve ;so they ought to strive, to weedout these cancerous cells, which have taken form of tissues and organs, from the system.