Love or madness? Lover allegedly tortured his girlfriend, beheaded her, and took her head off

You must have heard a lot about stories of love and affection when a lover takes the life of his rival in the love of his beloved. But this extraordinary event of love has made everyone’s hair stand on end and has forced everyone to think, is it love or madness?

In the vicinity of Okara, the alleged “lover” tied his girlfriend’s hands and feet, brutally tortured her to death, and took her head off.

According to media reports, a decapitated body of a 32-year-old woman was recovered from a garden in Kot Amin Shah Hujra. She was killed after the worst torture. Traced when the cloth “Safa” with which the hands and feet were tied was identified.

The victim frequently visited Khanewal, of which her mother was also aware. When the heirs were shown the decapitated body, they identified the “safa” which was often worn by Shaan. According to the police, the accused Shaan tied the hands and feet of Shamim Bibi and killed her with a sharp knife due to an illicit relationship. Police have registered a case of murder and other provisions against accused Shaan and two unidentified persons at the request of the victim’s mother.

What do you think, was it true love or madness? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: City.42


You, season 4.

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Hell, True :joy::joy::joy:

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