LUMS graduate Omar Kamal selling 'Homemade Biryani' on the streets of Islamabad. What's his story?

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Everybody ends up in startling conditions now and then. A former LUMS graduate, Muhammad Omar Kamal selling homemade biryani in the singing sun in the city of Islamabad, with a Pakistani flag on his shirt. What’s his story?

Omar Kamal was a teacher just as an inspirational speaker yet a tough time made him turn into a side of the road seller. He being jobless for more than four years moved forward and started a new period of battle.

Omar Kamal’s account of difficulties and battle has made Pakistanis enthusiastic and motived simultaneously. He graduated in Enterprise Management from LUMS Lahore University of Management Sciences and a high positioning college McGill University of Canada however because of deficiency of occupations in the market of Pakistan he confronted a major monetary emergency.

Lubna, the spouse of Omar Kamal ends up being his other better half in the emergency and they chose to begin by selling biryani on side of the road. Lubna being a home cooking specialist readies the dinner and Omer sells it and procures rizq-e-halal for his family. Because of the absence of interest in their homemade biryani startup, they couldn’t manage the cost of the lease of any outlet and Omar began selling homemade biryani in his car.

As per Omar, he wept for 90 days before his Allah and requested absolution and petition to improve the future and this was the point at which he thinks of the thought of selling food in the city of Islamabad. For a very long time, he requested all from his corporate associates to find him a steady line of work yet sadly not a solitary individual upheld him separated from his significant other who is as yet supporting him to develop his new pursuit of ‘Home-made Biryani’.

He further added that when he previously ventured out making progress toward request that individuals taste his food, he was completely broken by being powerless; nonetheless, around then, he didn’t stop and again got out of his car to sell the food.

The work of side-of-the-road sellers isn’t normal in our general public for knowledgeable individuals; notwithstanding, similar individuals are fine by being a side-of-the-road merchant in an unfamiliar country. Why? Since this is the view of the general public where individuals have made these private ventures hard to do or acknowledge from an individual have a place with a working-class or exclusive class, Omar expressed.

Omar is a devoted Pakistani and he needs to make life simple for every individual who is battling to get a new line of work in Pakistan without help from anyone else being an incredible model. He currently feels no disgrace as he is procuring in a halal manner and needs others to likewise move forward for themselves to make Pakistan a superior and simple spot to live.

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MashaAllah more power to him!!

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Rizq e halal main wakai bht maza or nasha hai :fire:

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