Made in Pakistan!

It is the common principle of the world in trade that “if you want to make your country economically better then export more and import less” this principle can only be achieved either we start making our own products or we shall import less and definitely when you make your own products you do not need to import more, ultimately import graph falls. There are many brands working in Pakistan and their products are made in pakistan but the problem arises when you realise there are much better brands which are more reliable and their goods have more life than yours. It is commonly said that pakistan is less industrialised because the certain circumstances that provoked “no safe for investment”. There used to be a lot of political hurdles to invest in pakistan and such hard policies were made that people were afraid of investing in Pakistan, when certain did but received extortion calls, they rolled back their business and never came back.

Since 2018 when Imran khan became Prime minister of Pakistan he started easing the busines,invited many business man on conferences and made them promise to provide security to them and their assets. Recently Pakistan marked a victory of creating its ventilators in the time of pandemic. It is one of the great achievement that a country starving in the field of technology comes up it’s own ventilators. Another success was when the drones created to spray to curb the spread of locust attack was also made in Pakistan. It was long ago triggered in the world that Pakistan can also lead in the world. Of technology when we build our own JF-17 thunder fighter jet. We often make the best wood furniture.

Mainly pakistan imports the petroleum products, machinery, iron, steel and many ordinary products. If we start somehow industrialization in Pakistan and create our own products and export in the world to generate capital. It might sound hard but it isn’t. China being non-Muslim country produces prayer mat in a large number and exports to the world. If we see back china was nothing but all china did was industrialisation and easy in business for investors. Pakistan is one of the largest cotton exporter in the world and that’s the reason clothing is cheap here. A south Korean company namely Samsung is technological firm that took south Korean economy to the new heights and now in every home we are using Samsung mobiles, Televisions, laptops and every electronic appliances.

There was Pakistan’s tech company called Qmobile which used to manufacture smart phones and tablets and was caught in one of the large-scale scandal of mobile phone smuggling and tax evasion in Pakistan. Karachi customs department caught a container packed with 63000 smuggled mobile phones and tablets. “DG Com” a company behind the Q Mobile falsely stated that they have imported LED lights in the container which actually had all mobile phones and tablets in order to deceit Karachi Customs Collector and evade taxation.

Recently India banned the Chinese products and china immediately started making "Ban china “caps and T-shirt because they know they only mean to earn profit no matter how, they don’t value ego and other things. We often use laptops of one the leading companies of the world like HP,DELL,TOSHIBA,LENOVO,ACER, and APPLE mac book these all are foreign products there is no local manufacturer in Pakistan.

We mostly use the Air conditioners at our home like ORIENT it is made in India, HAIERA is made in china, SAMSUNG is made in Korea, only Dawlance is a Pakistani home appliances brand which is a subsidiary of Turkish company Arçelik. Pakistan has one of the best talents and capabilities to make it’s own product we just need investments and a right path to win the field. The rapid growing Artificial intelligence is upcoming major projects countries ate working and Pakistan must put effort to build science and technology field because it is as essential as a food on earth. The “made in Pakistan” is not only a theme but a dream to look forward, a way to prosper. We shall invest in science and technology sector to boost our faltering economy.