Maggi ice-cream: A new food sensation in town. And netizens are totally freaked out!

Image courtesy: Twitter

It isn’t only big names’ activities that can be considered questionable, a couple of food mixes can likewise be a piece of the rundown. At the point when a specific food mix gets considered dangerous, it becomes a web sensation. Presently, it may be the case that to get virality. A few groups deliberately make peculiar food mixes, subsequently, in the relatively recent past, you even saw the chocolate biryani. The latest strange food is the Maggi frozen yogurt that has left individuals choking.

Being a ‘fair distribution’, it is just correct that we gave the recipe of the Maggi frozen yogurt also. To get the ideal look as the one shown, you need Maggi noodles. Since you can’t get that specific brand of noodles in Pakistan, some other would do. In any case, you will require one cup of bubbled hot noodles, 2 cups of juice (mango or orange), and 2 kulfi molds.

Presently, you will take the kulfi shape and add juice to them. Put the bubbled noodles in it, and cover the cap. Freeze for four hours. Et presto, your Maggi frozen yogurt is prepared.

Netizens are genuinely gone ballistic at the possibility of the food, just as the visuals. They couldn’t process the possibility of above all else sweet Maggi, and also, Maggi noodles as frozen yogurt. Some even went to the extent that expression that the makers of the dish are killers.

All things considered, indeed, we should not get out of hand. This recently made dish may taste great. Besides, it doesn’t care for they have put the tastemaker in the bubbled noodles. Along these lines, if you do anticipate making the Maggi or whatever brand noodles are frozen yogurt, do tell us how it tasted because this is one dish we won’t ever attempt ourselves.

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Yukkk log b kia kia experiment krte rhte :rage::triumph::confounded:

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