Man gets struck by lightning in Jakarta and miraculously survives the deadly attack


A video of a man getting struck by lightning has gone viral on social media. The incident took place in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta and has sent shivers down the spine of people.

In the video posted by local media on Twitter, it can be seen that a 35-year-old man who works as a guard in the company of Jakarta was walking in an open field while performing his duty. As it was raining outside, he was carrying an umbrella, and a few moments later, a bolt of lightning struck him, and he fell on the ground unconsciously.

After the incident, people nearby approached him and took him to the hospital, where he managed to survive the deadly attack.

In addition to this, some experts believe that the security guard had his walkie-talkie in his hand, which attracted the lightning discharge and caused the accident.

Source: WATCH: Man struck by lightning in Jakarta; survives, Trending News |

What do you guys think about how he managed to survive the attack? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Now he gets superpowers and becomes The Flash

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Might be possible :joy:

or Krrish maybe Nastoor Jin or commander Safeguard if we are talking of local heros

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Pardon my lack of superhero knowledge but is not Krish guy Indian?

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Pardon my lack of superhero knowledge but is not Krish guy an Indian?

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  1. You are pardoned.
  2. I didn’t talk about Pakistani superheroes specially, I meant famous subcontinent ones.
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