'Master's in Happiness': You can now get a Master's degree in Happiness in Pakistan


The University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore has launched a two-year Master’s degree in happiness to help people live happier and healthier lives.

According to details, the new degree program was launched by the UHS Center for Happiness and Well-Being, and its faculty includes renowned psychologists, physical trainers, and doctors.

The degree will initially be available only at the UHS Kala Shah Kaku campus. However, UHS intends to begin offering the Master of Happiness degree on other campuses in the coming months.


In this regard, Vice-Chancellor (VC) UHS Dr. Javed Akram stated that happiness plays an important role in people’s lives and helps to combat negativity in society. He went on to say that the UHS Master’s of Happiness degree program was created to help people find happiness in everyday tasks and live healthier and more successful lives.

Unfortunately, society has limited the definition of happiness to specific events such as weddings, birthdays, and sports. Happiness, in reality, refers to a wide range of emotions. There may be those who believe this is not worth their time, but one thing must be made clear. It is that no type of knowledge acquisition is a waste of time. No area of education, no field of education, can be considered wasteful because everything is relevant in some way.

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Next up: PhD in Depression and Suicidal Tendencies :joy:

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Oh please don’t say that. :joy:

I am the dean of university which offers this degree

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