Meet Samar Khan, Pakistan's first female cyclist to reach K2-Base Camp on a bicycle

Image courtesy: GulfToday

Samar Khan left a mark on the world, adding another feather to the crown of Pakistan by becoming Pakistan’s first female cyclist to arrive at the K2 Basecamp - the second highest mountain in the world on an off-road bicycle last week. International cyclist award holder, the first woman in the world to cycle 4,500 meters Biafo Glacier in the Karakoram Mountains of Gilgit Baltistan.

Khan reported the accomplishment around five days prior on her Instagram, where she had been consistently refreshing her supporters with pictures and extensive posts about her excursion. Naming the last leg of her mission as ‘Excursion to Chogori’, Khan said, “The stage where petitions are replied or now and again postponed, where I had the opportunity to see the unmistakable substance of glorious Choghori, remaining with elegance.” Chogori is the informal neighborhood name for K2, the second-most noteworthy top on the planet.

Khan began her excursion towards the finish of July, taking off on a trailblazing bicycle from Skardu on July 31.

“This ride will be uneven, unpleasant, and weighty however I have prepared myself enough intellectually and genuinely,” she had said.

She likewise shared why she needed to cycle her direction on a trailblazing bicycle through the misleading landscape, clarifying,

“Because, bicycling ought to be the best approach to drive around mountains, to slice our carbon impression and to save our regular resources like ice sheets and pinnacles.”

Refreshing her devotees through her excursion with ‘stage refreshes’, Khan offered knowledge into her cycling course, which included intersection the Baltoro glacial mass at 4000+meters at Urdukus, and engaging outrageous weather sickness at the stature of 4319 meters at Ghoro 2.

Image courtesy: GulfToday

“The way towards Urdukus brings the grand Baltoro Glacier, with its unending ups and downs covered with rocks and profound fissure… many water streams route with the stream and pressing factor of an enormous waterway, midsection profound or now and again more. Also, the water comes directly from ice sheets, freezes our feet in a moment or two,” she shared.

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The last stage update ‘Entryway to Chogori’, as referenced above, incorporates pictures of Samar standing tall with her off-road bicycle with the strong K2 behind the scenes. “Following a difficult evening of pursuing oxygen and quiet supplications, the morning carried me eye to eye with K2, with a lot of wounds and shuddering cold however with an eminent sight.”

There’s another female icon in town and here are we offering our heartiest congrats to Samar Khan for her magnificent accomplishment!


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