Mental pressure or smartphone addiction? 15-year-old boy committed suicide after his parents refused to give him a smartphone

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A heart-wrenching incident took place in Sindh’s Shikarpur District. A 15-year-old young boy Irfan committed suicide after his parents refused to give him a smartphone.

According to the initial investigation of the police, the deceased boy was demanding a smartphone for the past few days but committed suicide when his parents refused to buy him a smartphone of his choice.

He ended up his life by shooting himself in the head with a pistol. After the post-examination of the incident, the police handed over the dead body to his parents.

According to the World Bank, approximately 0.9% of all deaths that happened in Pakistan are a result of suicide. Almost 15 to 20 people end their lives daily, because of mental stress, mental suffering, depression, and the feeling of inferiority.

A similar case was reported when a girl committed suicide by taking poison for a smartphone. And 21-year-old boy committed suicide while playing PUBG. This increasing suicide ratio is alarming, and preventive measures should be taken at home and national levels. Youth is a prime asset of a nation and we can’t let our youth committing suicide just because of being denied a smartphone. Gadgets are no doubt an important part of everyday life but their addiction is disastrous. Also, parents should keep an eye on the mental health of their children.

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Source: ARY NEWS

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