Message from Irum to all the girls of this community!

You don’t need to hype someone else so much that you degrade yourself down. Let it be a girl you admire, An actress or a friend! I’m telling you that You are the perfect the way you are! :heart:
Make yourself accept yourself without makeup, without any touch up without any fear that how will society put you up to That standard of beauty_ without all of this you are beautiful! :slight_smile:
Nourish your soul_with what makes you happy!

Have chocolate! Listen to your favourite :musical_note: or anything but just keep the little space that makes you comfortable in this world.

Take time to pamper yourself! Be with yourself, spend more time with yourself! it’s good to know the person who’s the reflection you see in the mirror.Hamein Boht Achy se Pata hao k hm kaha galat hein! Usey theek krne ki koshish krein q k jb koi or point out krta hai hmare gltiyon ko hmein acha nhe lgta Free k attitudes ajaty hein hm mein**So start spending 30 min with yourself on daily basis.Just don’t stop loving what you do or whatever makes you happy. :heart:


Self love is key of happiness ans satisfaction… People always oppose u either u did right or wrong… U are not here to please everyone… Once u find yours value u will never let urself down…

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