Mian Nawaz Sharif's face automatically appears on foreign artist's art

Isaac Cordal / cementeclipses.com

The world we inhabit is a home to many mysteries, mysteries beyond our understanding, mysteries beyond our wildest imaginations. Despite that, the biggest mystery of all is the world itself. Things happen here which seem absolutely unreal, yet they are very real.

A mystery like this in United Kingdom left everyone in disbelief, they couldn’t believe if what they saw was genuine. Spanish artist Isaac Cordal has exceptional expertise in creating sculpture art and doing urban photography. But, it was his sieve art (making art on food strainers) that achieved the astonishing feat.

Sieve Artist Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal / forensicgenealogy.com

On Isaac’s art piece exhibited in London, former Pakistani prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif’s face automatically appeared out of nowhere. The similarity between Isaac’s art and Mian Nawaz Sharif’s facial appearance is so uncanny that it looks like he specifically created it using him as model. But that is not the truth, in actuality, Cordal has no idea, to this day he remains oblivious of his craft being carbon-copy match with a person worlds apart from what he had in mind while crafting.

Isaac Cordal / cementeclipses.com

Nawaz Sharif

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Rationally thinking, yes it’s a coincidence, but dear God, is it one hell of a coincidence! And that’s not even whole the nature’s mystifying forces have in store for us. There is one more twist in this twisty happenstance, one final thrill in an already enthralling tale - The art was made in 2009. 12 whole years before the ex-PM developed present facial features. It’s as peculiar as it’s fascinating, a stark reminder that logic may answer everything strange, the universe still has unending tricks up its sleeve to surprise you.

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