Micro lockdown implemented in 4 districts of Karachi

The micro lockdown has been implemented in 4 districts of Karachi, which will be applicable till 7 pm on December 5.

Areas, where micro-lockdown has been implemented, include Gulshan-e-Maymar, Surjani Town, Hussain Muhammad Goth, three Union Committees of Korangi, and areas covered by Civil Line.

In addition, the streets of Khayaban Badr, Bath Island, and Khayaban Ittihad have also been micro-locked.

According to a government statement, people entering and leaving the affected areas will be required to wear masks and mobility will be strictly restricted.

The notification said that retail shops, medical stores, and other essentials will be allowed to open at certain times in the lockdown areas while home delivery of any type of food will not be allowed.

Industrial and commercial centers in these areas will remain closed and a household member will be conditionally allowed to purchase food and drink and will have to show an ID card to the police while no celebrations will be allowed in the home. And those who come to meet the residents of the area will have to give a solid reason.

It may be recalled that after the second wave of Corona surged in Karachi. Yesterday, Commissioner Karachi had decided that in all those areas where there will be Corona patients, according to the situation either smart lockdown or micro smart lockdown will be done.

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