Mob burned a wheelchair-bound man alive in Charsadda for killing a young man


Police on Saturday arrested 13 individuals on the charge of burning alive a wheelchair-bound man in Charsadda, who was associated with killing a minor boy over the supposed robbery of a goat late on Friday. The man couldn’t survive the injuries and kicked the bucket subsequently.

Affirming this, the police said that the incident occurred in the Paladheri region in the constraints of city police headquarters, where dissenters protesting against the killing of an adolescent transformed into the crowd and went to the crippled presume’s home and set him ablaze, additionally burning him alive. His mother was likewise offensively injured in the pyro-crime assault.

Cell phone recordings of the agitators pushing the wheelchair-bound man from the top of the house into the fire were additionally shared via social media. The recordings showed a major group encompassing a burning house and shouting.

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Charsadda District Police Officer Asif Bahadar said the killed wheelchair-bound suspect was distinguished as Suliman aka Malang Jan, who purportedly prior shot dead Shahsawar, 22, clearly in a disagreement regarding the burglary of a goat.

Malang Jan’s mom let the police know that Shahsawar used to prod his child. She said that on Friday her child had a fight with Shahsawar – who was killed later in the evening – and subsequently, Ajmal, Bakhtiar, Siraj, and others encompassed their home.

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She said that she alongside her little girl and wheelchair-bound child took shelter on the floor of the house. She said the agitators initially burnt her home and later figured out how to advance toward the floor and drove her handicapped child into fire. She said the agitators additionally drove her into the fire, offensively injuring her.

SHO city police headquarters Behrmand Shah said when they attempted to protect the blockaded family, the crowd additionally assaulted them with sticks and stones, harming him and another police workforce.

He said that they protected the lady and recovered the body of her child from the fire. The police have booked 13 suspects under sections 302, 324, 436, 427, 148, and 149 of Pakistan Penal Code and area 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997, for burning the house and killing the man.

They enrolled one more FIR against Malang Jan for killing Shahsawar. It added that occasionally back Malang Jan’s goat was taken by obscure individuals and they were suspecting Shahsawar for the burglary.

CM Charsadda took notice of the incident and acquired the report over the matter. But is it right to take the law into your hands to pursue justice? What’s your take on it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Dawn News

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