Mob justice or injustice? Alleged pedophile tortured with multiple devices

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Vehari, Punjab - Imran Siyal, a grocery store owner from Chak 201 EB, was abducted in daytime by 4 young men on his way to local mosque for offering prayer. These four young men took him to predetermined location away from the attention of town’s residents, at that place what materialised was nothing short of nightmare-inducing, truth to be told, it in fact was a nightmare itself, for abducted store owner. He was beaten with pistol butt in face, hit with multiple hockey sticks simultaneously, forced to put a shoe in his mouth and bark like a dog, the long session of numerous torturing methods ended with assailants keeping him in an oven-hot room lacking electricity or any other source of air for several hours. This entire pain-inflicting act of shame and humiliation was videotaped on torturers’ mobile devices, which to anyone having two brain cells is known as the reason leading to perpetrators’ downfall, hundred percent of the time.

No anomaly transpired here either, main torturer was arrested, identified as Saeed Jutt, one of the assault weapons, the pistol, too was recovered from him. Other suspects, Ramzan Jani, Sakhi Jutt and their unidentified assistor remain on the run.

Geo/Punjab Police

Accused confessed to the crime in police station, giving explanation they strongly suspected victim Imran Siyal had sexually abused Saeed’s minor nephew. On contrary, victim claimed, about 6 months ago his store was burglarised, he outspokenly doubted his abductors had a hand in it since they are jobless loafers, well-known among town community for indulging in all sorts of criminal activities. He claimed his torture in abduction was done in retaliation for that, not for pedophilia, alleging him of pedophiliac offence is a ruse to avoid harsher punishment. Police have stated, “A case has been filed, we’re raiding what could be the possible hideouts of fugitives. We believe no one should be allowed to take law in their hands, Chak 201 will witness those barbarians be brought to justice in a matter of days, at most”.

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Pedophilia is a psychological disorder, should be treated at early ages. We should keep an eye on everyone around us, their daily habits. Minor traumas lead to pedophilia at early ages. And consequences are traumatizing.

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