Moment of pride for Pakistan: Sajjad Khan from NED leads the transition of Mercedes-Benz to Electric vehicle

Sajjad Khan from Ned is a member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG and Chief Technical Officer. Under his leadership, the German automobile giant Mercedes Benz is all set to make a transition to the electric vehicle market. The prestigious car-maker will presumably produce six electric EQ models.
Forbes in an article mentioned that The all-electric EQS sedan will unite the current gasoline-engine S500 and S580 models as the third member of the flagship S-class lineup.
The models are to be prepared in Germany at Factory 56.
The EQS is the first to get the latest architectural designs for executive models.
Sajjad Khan also rolled out the MUBX Hyperscreen for the EQS sedan that has been referred to as the brain and the nervous system of the four-wheeled vehicle.
He said that it represents the whole character of the EQS due to it’s user-friendly and unique electronic aesthetics.