More than 70 years of freedom: Accomplishments or disappointments?

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1947, was the year when the world’s most disputable line was set apart throughout the entire existence of the subcontinent. The year, when the course of history changed until the end of time. The year, when individuals of the East accomplished their character. The year, Pakistan was conceived.

It’s been 70 years, Pakistan arose on the world map as a different Muslim, discretionary gaze. However, the question emerges, what has Pakistan accomplished and lost over the recent 70 years? Pakistan has its special place in light of the reasons; the lone state made based on Islam. The extraordinary authentic interest of Muslims of the subcontinent. The Eastern Muslims battled through various challenges to dispose of Divide and Rule.

Outlining the previous many years, among the things that dispersed our brains and made us cry was the strange passing of Quaid-e-Azam and his associates. That nobody realizes who killed the father of the country? Pakistan had borne the weight of three conflicts till now.

The nation depends on the standards of value, opportunity, and rights brought forth by researchers and educated people. Numerous incredible names that denoted the nation’s name too far off are Professor Abdus Salam, Abdul Qadeer Khan, Arfa Kareem, and other eminent names and Nobel prize, victors.

Generally, a couple of benchmarks are needed for a nation to get thrived; innovation, exchange, aid, economy, and venture. If we talk about Pakistan, it does not have all significant angles. Be that as it may, a portion of the significant headways is worth pen down. CPEC, the distinct advantage of the Pakistani economy. The travel industry improvement is the doorway to fund. One can get the best quality mangoes from Pakistan.

Yet, the conflict, that began prior, hasn’t finished there. Defilement has tormented our country. Viciousness is winning. Individuals are killed in name of decimation, The inter-political strategies getting their foundations to destroy the political framework.

Is this the Pakistan, Quaid visioned? Many used to bring up issues about our benefits and numerous requests from the individuals who are answerable for the disappointments. Unquestionably, something is missing, should be done, especially for the people in the future to come and inhale uninhibitedly in Pakistan. Who can say for sure what the longer term will bring?


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Even after 70 years, we have a long way to go in standing in the ranks of developed nations of the world.

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