Most unusual 'Love marriage'! Multan's six sisters tied the knot with six brothers from same family


A remarkable wedding has been held in Multan where six sisters from one family wedded six brothers from another family. Both the families have a place with a similar more distant family.

Every one of the spouses and every one of the ladies is cousins. What’s more albeit different weddings at a solitary occasion are not uncommon in Punjab but this one amazed numerous and everybody needed to know more.

The six girls of Mohammed Lateef tied the knot with their six cousins on a fantastic wedding occasion on Tuesday. One of the spouses, Shafiq, claims it was a “love marriage.”

One of the six ladies, Anum, communicated her feelings on her important day saying, “We [six sisters] are cheerful about getting hitched around the same time”.

All ladies were spruced up in the conventional red and two of them wore similar outfits. The family got passionate when the six sisters left for their new homes. “We are glad that another joint family has been framed,” another groom Shakeel said.

Sajjad said, “We as whole siblings divide a decent connection between us.” Shafiq appealed to God for “a lifetime friendship.” The husbands were to be made a Punjabi-style entry to the hall and performed bhangra before entering the lobby.

Zahoor Baksh, the dad of the husband-to-be, was glad and pleased at the event. “We have consistently held numerous grand wedding occasions and acknowledged whatever came from the family seniors,” he said. It assists us with lessening the financial burden, he added. The six couples intend to share a solitary family house.

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