Muhammad Rizwan gifts Matthew Hayden the Holy Quran with English translation

Pakistani cricketers are national heroes because they represent our country in the world. They are not only known by their profession but also by their humbleness, spirituality and kindness.

Famous former Australian batsman and current batting instructor of the Pakistan cricket team, Matthew Hayden has been inspired by the calmness and spirituality of Pakistan players. In a recent interview, Hayden revealed that he is curious to know about Islam and the Holy Quran. Furthermore, wicket-keeper batsman Muhammad Rizwan gifted him the Holy Quran with English translation.


Hayden said,

“I am curious about Islam even though I am a Christian. One follows Christ and the other Mohammad (PBUH), and in a sense never shall meet, but he [Rizwan] presented me with an English version of the Quran. We sat on the floor for half an hour and talked through it. I am reading a bit of it each day. Rizzy [Rizwan] favourite my favourite individuals, a champion human being.”

He further added that Pakistani players have great potential and they are giving their best. He praised them and said that their only ultimate goal is to win the T20 World Cup. He said that sharing the dressing room with Pakistani players is one of the best and memorable experiences of his life.

Source: Propakistani

To sum up, every Muslim must tell others the teachings of Islam. In this way, people will be able to know more about Islam and that’s what our Islam teaches us to do.

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