Multan_City of Sufis or City of Saints ♡What to Do in Multan?

Multan is known as city of Sufis or city of Saints Because of the large number of shrines And sufis saints are from the city.

Multan is famous for its large number of Sufi Shrines including unique rectangular tomb of Shah Gardezi.

** Historical Gates of Multan**
Multan is famous for its 6 historical gates .These gates are major attraction of the tourists.

  1. **Pak Gate**

    This gate named as pak gate because of saint Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed.

  2. Delhi Gate

    This gate named as Delhi because during Mughal Period whenever king visit Multan they entered through this gate.

  3. Haram Gate

    The gate used to bring your Haram.

  4. Doulat Gate
    This gate called because of mazar of Pir Dolat shah.

  5. Bohar Gate
    This gate is main entrance for food supply and communication.

  6. Lohari Gate

    The gate named lohari because outside of this gate many Lohari lives and there workshops are there.

The college Campus is an old traditional building.
Some of major Shrines are

#Syed Shah Yousaf shah gardezi

#BAhaudin Zakriya

Pakistan Largest university Named after B.Z.U

#Shah Rukne Alam


Clock Tower
Clock Tower called Ghanta Ghar is landmark of old city

Blue Tiles

Multan is very famous for Blue Tilesused in Bath and other areas of house.
Multani Pottery is famous all over Pakistan specially vases.

Multani jewellery

It is well known all over the Pakistan due to its uniqueness of colour speically Multani Haar. :heart:

Multani Matti

it heals Acne and clay used as Mass.
Multani Shoes

Multani khussas Are very famous for festivals and traditional weddings.usuallay look for shop near Ghanta Ghar

Multani Sohan Halwa
it is specail desert of Multan.It is made od Sugar Ghee and flour and then jewelled with Nuts and Pistachios.

People of Multans are Muslims .The majority of Multan speaks Saraiki.

Dahi bhally and Golgappy
Must have in Multan.

*Source : Me Myself Alhamdulilah I Am Multani * Shukria


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