Murder in a punjab college Lahore

Now a days, weapon has become a common thing. Everyone has a pistol in his hand. Those who dont have it, consider themselves to be incomplete. Police is failed in this case. They are doing nothing to stop this trend.

Earlier, it was thought that only old agers just died. But slowly slowly it is known that their is no age to die. Everyone can die in every age. Lifespan has become very short. In present, 50 years is an average age.

Our youth, on which our whole economy depends has forgetten its duties. They are just wasting their time in useless things. Our youth is full of anger now a days. They cant control their anger. They consider that fight is the solution of everything. And the second most trent in pakistan is to call boys and take a fight. In which most of the openents and their partners die and fractured.

In recent days, a boy with his sister was killed in front of a punjab college. Can you imagin what did they do? No, you cant imagin that.
Both boys were friends. They used to play and do everything together. But one day they had a bit clash in between them. The class was increased slowly. people used to add fuel in fire. The clash was so increased that the one boy came to college with a gun in his hand. He wished to punish other boy.

After a collge both the boys were out of college. One boy without gun was waiting for his sister. But other boy came and started fight with him. They started to beath others. After a short interval the boy brought a gun and warned him. But anger cant be controlled. After that he fired him on his head. And he was died on the same time. After that the sister of murdered boy was watching it. She started crying loudly. When the boy with gun saw her, he also aimed at her and killed her. Both brother and sister were killed at that situation.

Both children of one family died. Those who came to study to enlighten their country and their college were killed in the college.

Punjab college a big institution in Pakistan has no security system. This showed their security system. That the boy was entered in college without checking. And someone was killed in front of college and no one was there to stop him. Is this a security system? The security fee is so high. People lived hand to mouth to pay the dues of their children. To pay their security fee so that there children were safe. But are they safe now? Security fee is necessary now? As there is no security in such a big institution.

Most hurting thing, this news was not published in newspaper and in any news. Why it was not published? There was no answer. But i give answer. The second biggest dawn of news is the owner of punjab college. He stopped all the news. He want to do nothing. He stopped to publish this news to safe the name of his instition. Instead of thinking that, that whole family was died. Their mother came their and shouted loudly. She was a died soul now.

Government has to take step over it. Otheriwse it will turn to family clash and then you cant stop it.


law makers needs and implement the law in educational Institutes.!

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We can’t just rely on the law. If our judiciary system is not strong enough we can’t always make it an excuse. We are humans and blessed with minds and sanity. Can’t we self-educate ourselves? Can’t we control our rage? Can’t we think rationally? Friends, Family, Parents can educate. We should make ourselves civilized enough that we don’t hear such terrible news and no family loses its dear one.

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Yes! But as mentioned above the institute is of the second most powerful dawn of news so no one can stop him or ask him what happened there.

Yeah! You are 101% right. I totally agree with you. Our law makers and judiciary is not ours actually. It always sentenced those who are poor. I never saw any rich in court. Even our old pm is out of country and no one is to call him. If there is any poor in his place. He will ba called off through rade and etc.

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